Is Your Job Just Clutter?


Hey everyone-

This past week I had the privilege of broadcasting two Live Free Webinars – TOO MUCH STUFF – for Health, Wealth, Joy and Love! In this presentation, I said that clutter is many things and it’s not just what is piled up on the floor. It could be toxic relationships, too many obligations and feelings of being stuck.

Just this morning, I got this beautiful testimony from a woman who watched the video replay (link and password at the bottom).

KGW wrote:

I loved your webinar. Thank you so much. Just yesterday I came to a point with my job of 5 years that I need to resign. I have literally hated the job for a long time, well since I started 5 years ago. But I have persevered because I needed the money. The final straw was yesterday though and I ran to my house of worship and prayed and handed it over to God. I worked on my resignation letter this morning and then watched your webinar. As I watched the webinar I realized that that job is the biggest clutter of all in my life! I have been wondering why I couldn’t get my real estate business to take off or any other ventures I started and now I can see clearly. This job I hated that I kept holding onto was like a huge cloud (miles long in every direction) sucking my very existence and life right out of me. I never realized until I came to the place where I was willing to give it up. Thank you for the AH HA moment that you created space for me to have.

Ahhhh, yes!!! When we can clearly see what is keeping us stuck, then we can begin to let go and move in the direction of what our heart cries out for.

Thank you KGW…and thank you all for your participation.

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Jeanie Brosius King

Jeanie Brosius King is a life coach, author, speaker, facilitator and business owner. She served as minister at Unity of Richardson, Texas for 9 years and currently conducts webinars on Clearing Your Clutter for Health, Wealth, Joy and Love. In her spare time, Jeanie loves to sing, read and travel with her husband, Dr. Joe King.

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