Today I was emotionally stuck. My husband recently passed away and I am having a lot of legal issues that I could not move on because of fear. I spoke with Jeanie and she said, “let’s do some tapping around it”. And we did. Within the hour after our session, I had sent a strong purposeful email to my attorney and shortly thereafter I received the much needed answers to my questions. This led me to take further action on this issue and within three hours of the tapping, I had solved the legal issue that had been ongoing for three weeks. I was elated and feeling better than I had in quite some time. Furthermore this led to a breakthrough in a relationship with a family member that had been ongoing for several years.
Words cannot express my sincere thanks to Jeanie and her tapping coaching. She is amazing.

S. – Corpus Christi, TX

“Jeanie is one of the most diverse “Healers” of today…”

Jeanie Brosius King is one of my Metaphysical Mentors.
She is not only an amazing Life Coach, she is also an Ordained Unity Minister, public speaker, author and Webinar Class Host! Just a few of her topics of expertise are Feng Shui Clutter Clearing, Vision Board classes and Dressing Your Truth Classes and Coaching.
When I met Jeanie, I was a Reiki Master, working as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Although I embraced the wonderful opportunity to assist The Universe in healing others, I found myself depleted of energy and in need of healing myself. Jeanie took me on as a Coaching client, taught me the EFT Tapping Method, and coached me through a residential move, 3 career changes and supported me in my singing career. Jeanie also keeps her finger on the pulse of Metaphysical education and opportunities. As a current student in a University Doctoral Program of Metaphysical Ministry, I have Jeanie to thank for telling me about the University in such a timely fashion, I made the scholarship program before the end of the year. Jeanie is one of the most diverse “Healers” of today, always seeking the Truth and new Metaphysical ideas and sharing her discoveries and insights with others.

K.M. – Dallas, TX

Certain people come into our lives at exactly the right moment and Jeanie was one of those people. I truly believe she was Heaven sent. Shortly after we began our coaching sessions, I saw huge shifts in my life. I began to let go of fears and experience joy and peace. I started to attract Mr. Right instead of Mr. Wrong. Jeanie also coached me through a very challenging health issue and I now feel better and more thankful than ever. I am so grateful for her wisdom, gentleness and strength and not to mention her sense of humor. There is never a boring moment with Jeanie. She will challenge you to grow and have fun in the process.

D.C. – Coronado Island, CA

“I am breaking free. It is a miracle.”

I thought I had the world’s best psychologist but after one month of Coaching with Jeanie Brosius, made more shifts and changes than from 10 years of traditional therapy. I finally ‘got it’ and have moved on from the past. I am healing my body, mind and emotions. I am breaking free. It is a miracle.

G.M. – Dallas, TX

I call Jeanie Brosius King My Genie. Nope, she hasn’t granted me one single wish… But when I was diagonosed with a disease expected to cause total blindness in my only sighted eye within a year, My Genie kicked me out of my own big pity party and enlightened me to my own ability to grant my own wishes (manifested visions).

I had sold my car and got around on my bike and the city bus. Poor me. I had recently moved to Austin from Dallas and had met very few people here. Social life was nill. Me, the extroverted party guy quickly became the reclusive hermit.

Me the powerful creator? Yep, took a little time (being the hard headed Dutchman that I am), but yes, with Jeanie’s gentle coaching (and butt kicking), I did move myself along my enlightened path. And with a speed that amazed us both.

Jeanie gave me a wonderful gift… Jeanie taught me the amazing power of GRATITUDE!

Everyday, many times a day, I thank God for my wonderful eyesight. Jeanie led me to the realization that I really do get to choose. I get to choose JOY every morning. And for my wonderful eyesight, my very good physical health, my creativity, my joy, my ever increasing abundance, I thank God many times every day. And I thank God for people like Jeanie coming into my life everyday.

Oh, and by the way… I was misdiagnosed. While I’m not quite 20/20, simple cataract surgery gave me back my wonderful sight. Yes, I do have the beginning of macular degeneration, but too often it is our perception that causes our fear, not reality.

I now have two cars, one a super fast little silver roadster. Yep, I think I’m hot!

Thank you My Genie.

F.X. – Spicewood, Texas

“Some of my major fears have been eliminated completely…”


I would like to say that since I began my coaching sessions, I have grown and matured tremendously. Some of my major fears have been eliminated completely, such as flying and speaking in public. I am so grateful to you and thank God for all of your help and assistance.

Thank you !

Q.I.A. – Duncanville, TX

Where can I begin? Depressed, overwhelmed, broke, sad, scared – returned to Texas after moving back from Canada and a terrible relationship. One day I emailed you about coaching and said, “I’m so glad you put something on your weekly email about Coaching” — you laughed and said, “Well, it’s only been on there for a year.” I guess when the student is ready, the teacher appears. My life has CHANGED completely. I am healthy, happy, free of the past…I’m suddenly making money, paying off bills and even the people at work can’t believe my new self and all the sales I make. At the treasuremapping session (which I was furious about at first – driving 50 miles and cussing the whole way)…I reluctantly put pictures of travel and outdoor fun on it. In two months, I have been given a trip to Tuscany to go hiking and biking (FREE) and also have money to take my son to Yellowstone Park. My brother and his wife don’t know what has happened to me but they say it is all good. I AM SO HAPPY, Jeanie that you came into my life. I am completely different now and forevermore. I feel like I have been healed from an emotional Terminal Illness and will never be that sick again. Jeanie, I have you to thank for this!

E.W. – Celina, TX

“Who says you can’t do what you love and make great money?…”

Several months ago when I first contacted Jeanie I was depressed, confused & burned out at my current job. I couldn’t think of anything different to do in my career that I could get excited about or feel passionate about………and that became my goal. Jeanie said many times……..who says you can’t do what you love & make great money…..of course you can. The key thing that she did ……..other than lots of support………is help me to make a shift in my perception of myself & the universe. To change my very thoughts. To take specific actions. And it worked. I am now in the midst of pursuing my passion & leaving the job that was dragging me down. The reason: I was open to great things coming my way…. & that was because of my coaching sessions with Jeanie. I have experienced so many synchronicities in the pursuit of my new career that it’s incredible. I’m very excited about the future & feel the passion that I have longed for. I would recommend coaching with Jeanie to anyone who is ready to make a “shift”.

G.G. – Dallas, TX

My life has changed!! When we started coaching, you remember that I sat crying and wringing my hands the whole time. My fiance had just left and the world was caving in on me. My finances were terrible and I was obssessed with my past. You stood with me, encouraging every step of the way and gave me concrete and practical things to do to get unstuck. Shortly after we started the coaching process, I was able to release my ex and bless him and Steve – the man of my dreams, appeared. I had even told you about another couple, where the man was named Steve and I said to God “I want my own Steve.” Isn’t this funny? I have met the man who is completely right for me and we are now getting married this summer.. THANK YOU !!!! You have changed my life.

M.A.V. – Dallas, TX

Honey, J. and I want to thank you for the time you spent coaching us as we made the move from one school to another. We were so hurt and angry at the principal and how she said one thing and then did another that it was dragging everyone and everything down. As I did my release and forgiveness work and gave up my ‘delicious stories’ everything changed. We are able to sleep at night and la vida es buena. We got a call to teach at a little schoold nearby and it will be perfect. (as a side note, I have decided to retire this year and have been offered a position with a medical school as a translator!!!)

Thank you for all you do…

J.Q. – Oak Cliff, TX

I met Jeanie a year ago in Mexico at a seminar she was addressing. I felt a connection to her and then signed up for her weekly Awareliving Newsletter. Recently I decided to have a coaching session with her. After just one session I felt like I pulled things together that were missing and have renewed clarity for my future. She got right to the point and was very direct which I appreciated. Firm yet gentle and loving. I look forward to continued guidance from Jeanie.

J.P. – San Miguel de Allende, MX

I’m amazed with myself, that everything we’ve been through, I can still love my husband for who he is…not judge him. That couldn’t have happened if I hadn’t met you…and I’M SERIOUS about that. My ‘wanting’ to think differently helped, but you seriously helped me see how loving someone because they were human and not ‘what they did’ were two totally different things.

You can put THAT in your testimonials!!

G.K. – Richardson, TX

I tried 7 different Dr’s they just kept kicking the ball down the road to the next Dr, no help, no answers. Taking OTC supplements, a multi, iron, desiccated liver pills and milk thistle for 6 months with no change, either I wasn’t making red blood cells or they were being destroyed before they hit my blood system.

Had to go on disability from work since the whole point was to have spinal surgery for herniated disc and two slipped vertebrae, but the Dr wouldn’t operate due to my blood disorder.

Then I called you and you taught me tapping. Low and behold after a month or so I went back to the blood DR to have it tested after being accepted into a case study at UTSW and I am making RBC’s again! The Dr had no explanation.

I tap when ever I think to do it. Probably 5-6 times a day. Now I have to go in for a colonoscopy since she thinks it might have been internal bleeding. I’ll keep you updated and now tapping for that and expect to be totally well. Thank you for your help!

T.D. – Dallas, TX

I have worked with Jeanie over a year and had a list of goals I wanted to accomplish. Among them was meeting my life partner and developing a beautiful relationship. Through our sessions together it became evident that I needed to do a lot of clearing around my mom’s death from 3 years ago, my 88 year old dad’s new inappropriate behavior as a single man that caused much embarrassment and humiliation, and acceptance of his elopement to my mom’s Colombian caretaker 26 years his junior. Jeanie helped me with so many feelings of shame and humiliation as we tapped them away. I recorded all the tapping and did them on my own in between sessions. Within 6 weeks of my dad remarrying, and releasing many negative feelings, an old boyfriend reappeared asking for a second chance. At first I was hesitant but Jeanie encouraged me to stay open as this was exactly what I was wanting. Fast forward, we are now living together and shared our first Christmas of many more and planning our wedding for end of 2017. I’m 59 and after 21 years of being divorced and dating many toads, I finally manifested my prince. I owe it all to Jeanie and the deep insights she had in our sessions around my blockages and always supporting me through each date I had with various men this last year. I will be eternally grateful and will have her be our minister when we marry on a Caribbean island in 2017!

I feel Jeanie truly cares about me and my well being and is not just there for the money. If a session goes over our time she doesn’t charge more or cut me off if we are discovering something important. She communicates and checks in between sessions. She has become a great friend even though we have never met in person.
Also, I feel she has filled that void within my life that my mom filled – the wise nurturing feminine goddess that any girl needs when in turmoil and when great things happen to share with.

Thank you Jeanie! There is nothing else I wanted for Christmas. I now have the love of my life! All from working with you!

B.J.M. – Boca Raton, FL