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Take a deep breath and look at your life.

Really look at YOUR life. And ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I living life the way I want or not?
  • Do other people’s needs and opinions control what I do?
  • Am I in the best financial, emotional, physical shape possible?
  • What dreams, interests or hobbies have I put on the shelf, for “later”?
  • Are there unresolved issues in my life – including relationships, career, health, money?
  • What do I really want?


And here’s something else to ponder. If today were your ONLY day on Earth (not your first or your last), how would you live this day? What would you do? How would you feel? What would you say? Would the little irritants get to you or would you be in blissful awareness of THIS day…THIS moment? Immerse yourself in that thought and feeling for a few minutes. Then open your eyes and realize this day and this moment is all we have.

Hi, I’m Jeanie Brosius King and my mission is to lift you up, challenge old beliefs in a way that is loving and fun and to facilitate SHIFT in your life.

Let’s face it – life is zooming along at an amazing speed and we often wake up and shake our heads wondering, where has the last ten years gone? We often find ourselves living life by default and not in a purposeful way that serves our individual, glorious, powerful creator selves. We fall off that horse of our deepest desires which is pawing the ground ready to RE-ZOOM.

HOW can we get back on the horse and GIDDY UP???

  • Coaching – something that all serious athletes and business people know the value of
  • Classes – if we’re not learning, we’re not changing
  • Inspirational ideas – check out my blog and weekly Podcasts
  • Goal setting and….more importantly, Goal Getting!

WHO am I? (Besides a sassy, intelligent, compassionate, focused butt-kicker?)

I am a Life Coach but that term is not completely inclusive or accurate. More to the point, you could consider me to be a Personal Change Specialist. FOR YOU and YOUR LIFE.

How does this happen? By listening to you and offering enthusiastic support and yes, calling you on your “old delicious stories.” You know the ones – they are filled with Drama! Pain! Suffering! Martyrdom! Poverty! Sickness! Loneliness! And the more we trot these DS out, the stronger they become. The problem is we are so addicted to our Delicious Stories that they are out and about before we can even consider if we want to keep telling them and getting the old, grim results.

Remember – Be mindful of your self talk. It’s a conversation with the Universe!

Jeanie has worked with people all over the world. (See our Testimonials page)

The list of things I’ve done in my life are way too long to enumerate here but they include:

  • International Life Coach
  • Travel Agency owner
  • Winery and Bistro owner
  • Professional Recruiter
  • Radio and Broadcast professional
  • Teacher of personal development classes
  • Unity minister
  • Public Speaker
  • Standup Spiritual Comedy performer
  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend

This list is just to give you some confidence that YOUR needs can be met through our work together. My deal with God and the Universe when coaching or facilitating classes is this – Only send me people who are willing to change. They don’t even have to believe they CAN change, but they must be willing.

YOUR willingness ensures we can help to get your SHIFT together.

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