Too Much Stuff!!??

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As a coach, I find most people who feel stuck in their lives do so out of feelings of overwhelming responsibilities and indecision about what to do to fix that. So the natural consequence of those feelings  is falling into procrastination.

People (you, perhaps?) say things like – I’ve got too much to do and no time to do it. I am tired all the time. I should exercise and get out more but I’m just exhausted. My house is a mess but I just can’t get a handle on it. I need to do my taxes…work in  the yard…clean that room/garage/shelf/closet…but just thinking about it makes me tired. Others seem to have it all together but I just can’t keep up.

Even fun things like taking the kids to the park or traveling with friends can be overwhelming. We all have too many emails, phone calls, obligations, duties, sports games to attend, club meetings, and don’t even get me started on our beliefs that everyone else’s needs come first.

As you can see, I’m on a roll with Clutter Clearing. Spring is the perfect time to get motivated and yet, it’s hard to start by ourselves. That’s why I am offering a FREE LIVE webinars (actually two!) around these concepts of clearing out STUFF that is not loved, not used or not working.

Ahem…this could also be relationships that are NOT working.

Would it help for you to register?  

Think of it this way – clutter is many things and can be defined as an untidy collection of objects or possessions that are unused and unloved. Clutter is sticky energy which exerts a magnetic pull on your energy, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Clutter is also UNFINISHED PROJECTS – think crafts, repairs, sewing, answering emails or correspondence, DIY needs, commitments to others and that sort of “unseen” stuff. STUFF… What a word that is, right?  It feels congested and just as when your lungs get congested, there is no room for a breath of fresh air.

Be on the lookout for my FREE LIVE webinar links and help out your friends and family by sharing with them. There is a limited number of free spaces available on the calls so snag yours as soon as it goes live!

As a thank you, anyone who registers for the live, free webinar will also get a free ebook with ideas to use right away.


Meet the Author

Jeanie Brosius King

Jeanie Brosius King is a life coach, author, speaker, facilitator and business owner. She served as minister at Unity of Richardson, Texas for 9 years and currently conducts webinars on Clearing Your Clutter for Health, Wealth, Joy and Love. In her spare time, Jeanie loves to sing, read and travel with her husband, Dr. Joe King.

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