Do you need to make room in your life for what you really want?

You can have it – love, money, joy and healthy outcomes!

The problem with clutter is knowing where to start! Imagine life with no stacks or piles of broken, unused, and unloved objects. Every time you look at that stuff, you associate negative emotions and get stuck.

What if you could actually feel free to travel, enjoy life, and be happier every day? What if you could have a support system to help you make decisions and get the results you want? Clearing the clutter can make all of these things possible - and I can help. 

I'm Jeanie Brosius King, and I've been helping people clear the clutter for years. Now, I've turned everything I know into a six week course to take you from surrounded by clutter and stuck to cleared out and ready to move forward.

Here’s what you get with “Too Much Stuff - Clutter Clearing Bootcamp”:

  • 6 weeks of live group sessions with me to help you through the maze of clutter (also recorded for further listening)
  • Weekly step-by-step emails to personalize your clearing and help you discover how getting rid of the stuff can improve your relationships
  • A private Facebook group to share your challenges and triumphs with support from people all over the world, including direct access to support from me.
  • Help and guidance for decluttering a home to sell
  • A house checklist to use in each room as you clear and clean out spaces 
  • An easy-to-understand Feng Shui Bagua guide to maximize your intentions in all areas of your home or office

You’ve tried to go this alone and met resistance – maybe from someone in your household or even from your own fears. Life can feel overwhelming and trying to decide how to clear the clutter is exhausting. This 6-week boot camp puts you in the driver's seat and guides you to the results you want.

Too Much Stuff will address the reasons why you hold onto too much stuff and how to work towards clearing out the junk to make room for a clearer mind and space. Through clear action steps, techniques, and plenty of support, “Too Much Stuff Clutter Clearing Boot Camp” will finally put the procrastination, indecision, and guilt associated with your belongings behind you, moving forward to a positive life filled with all that you desire. 

P.S. During the 6-week course, I’ll be soliciting pictures and stories and will feature the most awesome people in our Too Much Stuff group for special recognition!

P.S.S. Need a payment plan? Click below to purchase the Bootcamp over a 3-month period!

Introducing Too Much Stuff - Your 6-week Clutter Clearing Bootcamp